Edward Robirds
Adding the finishing touches to "The Collector."

I am an artist, writer, designer, and web developer living in Cincinnati, Ohio.

My artwork has been evolving over the years...from concise ideas of what to create, into allowing random sequences of thoughts take shape and letting the art create itself.

I rarely describe the meaning behind my art — I prefer my work to be wide open for interpretation. Feelings and meaning over a piece of art can evolve over time, but if I define a piece for someone with my own meaning, I might also prevent this evolution from happening and change how someone connects with the art.

Life has taught me that creating art for money or recognition goes against my nature, and this direction has always left me with feelings of self-disgust and frustration (and usually a long-lasting creative block). It took me a while to figure this out, and now I create my artwork solely for the process itself, and try not worry so much about the finished piece.

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